Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in India

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia to the Republic of India!


Latvians had knowledge of India at least since the middle of the 19th century, mainly through travelers’ tales and newspapers. A large and lively interest in India was exhibited by the intelligentsia, particularly writers, historians and linguists. The former were fascinated by the Indian literature (both ancient and modern), in particular Rabindranath Tagore, whose works were originally re-translated into Latvian from English translations and later from the original. The linguists studied the Sanskrit language and its relation to Latvian and for some historians this developed into attempts to prove that the original homeland of ancient Latvians was India.

Although being thousands of kilometers apart, we have been historically linked by the ancient trade route called The Amber Way, where India was one of the destinations for the Baltic amber. To translate these connections into today’s globalized world, we in Latvia want to have deeper relations with India, which mutually benefit both countries. We also encourage India to increase its economic presence in Latvia. Almost hundred Latvian-Indian joint companies have taken a lead. Latvia with its prime geographic location is a gateway between European continent in the west and Asia in the east with an open market that is strong, stable and secure. Latvia’s experienced and qualified workforce is yet another factor of a particular interest for Indian investors.

Engagement of our societies is facilitated through establishing strong networks between academia and institutions. More and more Indian students choose Latvia to pursue medical, IT or international business studies.

Latvia is also the second greenest country in the world and blessed with hundreds of kilometers of white sand beaches with pristine ecosystem, which makes the landscape a natural beauty. Riga - the Capital of Latvia and the Cultural Capital of Europe 2014 - is rich in architecture, culture and a plentiful array of attractions. It is by far one of the most amazing capital cities in Europe and well worth visiting. We invite travelers from India to discover Latvia as a reliable and attractive tourism destination.

I believe that all this constitutes an excellent foundation upon which to expand the bilateral trade, investments and people-to-people contacts between our countries!

Aivars Groza