Passport and/or ID card

30.09.2019. 18:58

If your passport and /or identification card is soon to expire or has been lost, stolen or become invalid due to other reasons,  please contact the Embassy to arrange the appointment*.

The person shall come to the Embassy in person. If the reason to apply for new passport/ID card is name/surname change, please warn the consular person, when scheduling your appointment.

At the appointment the following documents shall be submitted:

  1. Passport/ID card
  2. If the passport/ID card has been stolen or lost – police report, if possible to get one;
  3. If requesting passport/ID card for a child up to 5 years old, one document size (35x45mm) photography on white background shall be submitted.

Type of document

State and Consular fee, Total**



ID card


Passport and ID card


Passport (reduced fee) *


ID card (reduced fee)*


Passport and ID card (reduced fee)*


*Reduced fee is applied to the following persons:

  1. Under the age of 20 at the time of submission of documents for the issue of the passport or/and the ID card;
  2. Has reached the age provided in the Article 11, Paragraph 1 of the State Pensions Act;
  3. Receives old-age pension, and  produces the pensioner’s card;
  4. With disability of Group I or II, and produces a document that confirms such disability.

** Fees in force starting from 01.10.2019.

It can take up to 8 weeks to receive the new passport and/or ID card. For possibilities to apply for identity documents in expedited procedure please contact the embassy.

* Consular Section of the Embassy of Latvia in the Netherlands 
Koninginnegracht 27, 2514 AB, 's-Gravenhage,
Tel.: +31 (0) 70 306 50 04
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.