Consular Section's Chancery in Kaliningrad of the Embassy of Latvia to Russia

23.09.2020. 13:56


F.Engelsa street 52a, 236010, Kaliningrad, Russian Federation


+7 401 2 56 55 01 


+7 401 2 56 55 02


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Applications for Schengen visa should be submitted directly at the Visa Application Center “PONY EXPRESS” (address: Kaliningrad, Ploshadj Pobedi 10, business center «Klover», 4th floor, office No.412) on working days 09.00 till 17.30 without prior appointment. In addition to the visa fee service provider’s fee of 18 euros (in Russian rubles at the Central Bank rate on the day of payment) will also be charged.

It is also available to submit visa applications at the Chancery. Visa applicants need to assign an appointment for that reason by telephone No. 8 800 250 49 36 and indicate the name, last name, date of birth and number of passport.

The Chancery additionally provides the representation of the following EU countries within Schengen visa issuance: Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Hungary. The necessary condition for those applicants who are planning to travel to these countries (except Hungary) is – registration of residence in Kaliningrad region.

Chancery accepts payment by credit cards only: (VISA; VISA Electron; VPAY; MasterCard and Maestro, except МИР).


Working hours (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday):

In order to receive consular services at the Chancery starting January 20, 2020          pre-registration is required!

Consular issues Reception hours       Upon an appointment

Reception of visa applications

10.00 till 12.00                                 

By telephone No. 8-800-250-49-36                                  

Return of documents

15.00 till 15.30                                   

Сonsular issues (eg. residence permits in Latvia, certificates, passports, citizenship and civil registration etc.) 10.00 till 12.00    pre-registration  


RECOMMENDATIONS for a person who visited COVID-19 affected area*:

  • Observe your health for 10 days after contact with COVID-19; measuring body temperature at least twice daily is recommended.
  • If during this period symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection appear (fever, sore throat, cough or difficulty in breathing):
    • if possible avoid contacts with family members and other persons,
    • call Emergency medical service immediately (113 in Latvia),
    • inform the healthcare worker about your symptoms and probable contact with coronavirus COVID-19 case.

The following categories of applicants can submit visa applications at the Chancery without prior registration:

  • ethnic Latvians and their spouses and children;
  • members of the family of nationals of the Member States of the European Union, the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation;
  • persons whose purpose of travel is a serious illness or funeral of a relative in Latvia;
  • officials of federal, regional and municipal bodies of the Russian Federation departing on official trips to Latvia;
  • Representatives of foreign diplomatic, consular missions and international organizations accredited in the Russian Federation.

Visa applicant have to fill in an e-application form. The list of necessary documents for obtaining Schengen visa is available on the website of the Embassy of Latvia to Russia.