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 General Information, News and Links:

Legalization Office of Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK

Home Office of the UK

Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs

State Archives of Latvia

Latvia State Historical Archive

Western Union Agents

Latvian Institute:

Latvians Online:

Baltic Business News:

RFE/RL Latvian Service:

The Baltic Times:

Latvian Television:

Internet Dictionary:

Information if a citizen of Latvia wants to work in the UK:

Finding job

Department for Work and Pensions (social benefits)

Inland Revenue (national insurance number)

Riga, Tourism, Culture:

Riga Municipality

Virtual Riga:

Riga This Week:

Riga in Your Pocket:

Latvian Tourism Development Agency:

Latvia's Travel Information Centres Network Portal

Hotels in Latvia:

Latvian Youth Hostel Association: 

Photos of Latvia

Riga International Airport:

Riga International Bus Station:

Latvian Railway:

Recreation in Latvia's Forests:

Music in Latvia: 

23rd Latvian Song Festival: 

Latvian National Opera: 

Latvian Folklore: 

Films in Latvia:

Latvian Literature Centre

State Museum of Art:

Online Latvian Art Gallery:

Visual Arts Magazine Studija: 

 Economics and Business:

Bank of Latvia (including currency exchange rates):

Central Statistical Bureau:

Investment and Development Agency:

Latvian Export & Import Directory:

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

Business Co-operation Database:

Association of Latvian Commercial Banks:

Riga Stock Exchange:

Latvian Central Depository:

"ZL Hotline" Business Directory:

 State Institutions:

Chancery of the President of Latvia: 

Saeima (the Parliament of Latvia):

Supreme Court of Republic of Latvia:

Latvia Courts Portal:

Central Election Commission:

Cabinet of Ministers:

Ministry of Defence:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

European Integration Bureau:

Society Integration Fund:

 Education, Science, Research:

Higher Education Institutions:

University of Latvia:

Stockholm School of Economics in Riga:

Riga Graduate School of Law:

Latvian Academy of Sciences:

Latvian Institute of International Affairs:

Institute on Human Rights:

Latvian Resources of Bibliographic Information:

State Archives of Latvia:

Latvian Museum Association:

Museum of the Occupation of Latvia:

Latvian War Museum:

Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation:

 International Organisations:

United Nations in Latvia:

Latvia and the IMF:

 Culture Centres:

The British Council Latvia:

 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs):

Union of Local and Regional Governments of Latvia:

World Federation of Free Latvians:

European Movement - Latvia:

Latvian Transatlantic Organisation (LATO):