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General Information, News and Links:


Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs

State Archives of Latvia

Latvia State Historical Archive

Western Union Agents

Latvian Institute:

Latvians Online:

Baltic Business News:

RFE/RL Latvian Service:

The Baltic Times:

Latvian Television:

Internet Dictionary:

Information if a citizen of Latvia wants to work in the UK:

Finding job

Department for Work and Pensions (social benefits)

Inland Revenue (national insurance number)

Riga, Tourism, Culture:

Riga Municipality

Virtual Riga:

Riga This Week:

Riga in Your Pocket:

Latvian Tourism Development Agency:

Latvia's Travel Information Centres Network Portal

Hotels in Latvia:

Latvian Youth Hostel Association: 

Photos of Latvia

Riga International Airport:

Riga International Bus Station:

Latvian Railway:

Recreation in Latvia's Forests:

Music in Latvia: 

23rd Latvian Song Festival: 

Latvian National Opera: 

Latvian Folklore: 

Films in Latvia:

Latvian Literature Centre

State Museum of Art:

Online Latvian Art Gallery:

Visual Arts Magazine Studija: 

 Economics and Business:

Bank of Latvia (including currency exchange rates):

Central Statistical Bureau:

Investment and Development Agency:

Latvian Export & Import Directory:

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

Business Co-operation Database:

Association of Latvian Commercial Banks:

Riga Stock Exchange:

Latvian Central Depository:

"ZL Hotline" Business Directory:

 State Institutions:

Chancery of the President of Latvia: 

Saeima (the Parliament of Latvia):

Supreme Court of Republic of Latvia:

Latvia Courts Portal:

Central Election Commission:

Cabinet of Ministers:

Ministry of Defence:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

European Integration Bureau:

Society Integration Fund:

 Education, Science, Research:

Higher Education Institutions:

University of Latvia:

Stockholm School of Economics in Riga:

Riga Graduate School of Law:

Latvian Academy of Sciences:

Latvian Institute of International Affairs:

Institute on Human Rights:

Latvian Resources of Bibliographic Information:

State Archives of Latvia:

Latvian Museum Association:

Museum of the Occupation of Latvia:

Latvian War Museum:

Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation:

 International Organisations:

United Nations in Latvia:

Latvia and the IMF:

 Culture Centres:

The British Council Latvia:

 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs):

Union of Local and Regional Governments of Latvia:

World Federation of Free Latvians:

European Movement - Latvia:

Latvian Transatlantic Organisation (LATO):