Consular Information

04.11.2020. 06:10

Please note that from October 12, when crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia, it is mandatory to fill out an electronic form on the special platform . Filling out this questionnaire is a prerequisite for everyone entering the Republic of Latvia. The application form must be filled in no earlier than 48 hours before crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia. More details here.

Taking into account the measures to limit the pandemic and the epidemiological situation in Latvia and Kazakhstan, currently the planned reception of visitors in person at the Latvian Embassy in Kazakhstan takes place only by prior appointment, observing the conditions of distance. Therefore, please note that it will take longer than usual to serve each visitor.

Visitors are kindly requested to use personal protective equipment and to use the hand sanitizers available in the reception area.

Visa applications will only be accepted at Pony Express visa centers and in cases of national interest or humanitarian reasons, such as:

  • Freight and passenger carriers, including seafarers;
  • Family members of Latvian citizens (regardless of citizenship - spouses, children under the age of 21 and persons under guardianship or dependence);
  • Persons who come to Latvia for humanitarian reasons (for example, a funeral or a serious illness of relatives); 
  • Employees and specialists whose entry into Latvia is necessary for the fulfillment of obligations of merchants and which has been confirmed by LIDA.
  • Persons who have received a positive decision from the OCMA regarding the granting or registration of a permanent residence permit (except for students);
  • Athletes, sports professionals, as well as representatives of international sports organizations, whose arrival in Latvia is related to participation in an international sports event organized by a sports federation or its member recognized in accordance with the procedures specified in the Sports Law. Athletes who plan to enter on the basis of an employment contract need to present a LIDA confirmation letter;
  • Full-time and exchange students, if the higher education institution or college has issued a written confirmation that the practical part will be acquired in person and the clinical practice at the residency;
  • Foreigners whose arrival in Latvia is planned for the receipt of treatment (diagnostics and therapy) services within the framework of health tourism and has been approved by the Health Inspectorate;

The purpose of the changes is in order to observe precautionary measures and to prevent the spread of infection as much as possible.

The uninterrupted functioning of Embassy including the possibility to contact the Embassy by telephone, e-mail or mail remain in place.

We call on all Latvian nationals to heed instructions by local authorities aimed at containing the pandemic and to act in responsible manner with regard to their health and that of other people.


The Centre’s for Disease Prevention and Control of Latvia RECOMMENDATIONS for a person who visited COVID-19 affected area* in the last 14 days. 

·         Observe your health for 14 days after contact with COVID-19; measuring body temperature at least twice daily is recommended.

·         If during this period symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection appear (fever, sore throat, cough or difficulty in breathing):

         o    if possible avoid contacts with family members and other persons,

         o    call Emergency medical service immediately (113 in Latvia),

         o    inform the healthcare worker about your symptoms and probable contact with coronavirus COVID-19 case.