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General information on the Czech Republic

All about Czech Republic www.czech.cz
Czech Info Centre www.muselik.com/
Czech Republic www.czechtourism.com
Czech Business Links www.businesslinks.cz

Government Offices

Parliament- Chamber of Deputies (Legislation) www.psp.cz/cgi-bin/eng
Ministry of Industry and Trade www.mpo.cz/eng
Ministry of Justice (incl. Czech Commercial Register) www.justice.cz
Ministry of Finance www.mfcr.cz
Ministry of Regional Development www.mmr.cz

Business Environment, Legal Framework, Financing, Taxes

Trade Promotion

CzechTrade-Trade promotion Agency www.czechtrade.cz
Czech Trade database of Czech Suppliers www.supplier.cz
CzechInvest - Investment Opportunities Agency www.czechinvest.org
EGAP-Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation www.egap.cz/
Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic (ECCR) www.komora.cz
Centre for Regional Development of the CR-Euro Info Centre www.crr.cz
General Directorate of Customs www.cs.mfcr.cz

Company Contact Information

The Commercial Register www.justice.cz/cgi-bin/sqw1250.cgi/or/
ARES-Administratives Registers of Economic Entities www.mfcr.cz
Inform Net Partners-Importers and Exporters Database www.inform.cz
Kompass company catalogue www.kompass.cz/
Doing Business in the CR www.doingbusiness.cz/
Iuridica- Legal Services in the CR www.iuridica.eunet.cz/

Producers and Entrepreneurs´ Associations

Confederation of Industry of the CR www.spcr.cz/
Association of Chemical Industry www.schp.cz/
Association of Pulp and Paper Industry www.sppac.cz/index_en.htm
Association of Textile,Clothing and Leather Industry www.atok.cz/en/index.htm
Automotive Industry Association www.autosap.cz/
Union of Czech and Moravian Producer Cooperatives www.scmvd.cz 
Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises www.amsp.cz
Czech Insurance Association www.cap.cz


Czech National Bank www.cnb.cz/
Czech Export Bank www.ceb.cz/
Finance - Info Server on Finance www.finance.cz
Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank www.cmzrb.cz
Czech Banking Association www.czech-ba.cz
VEF Banka, Czech Office www.vefbank.com,
Rietumu Banka, Czech Office www.rietumu.lv


Czech Statistical Office www.czso.cz/

Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

List of Trade Fairs and Exhibitions www.expo.cz
BVV- Fairs and Exhibitions in Brno www.bvv.cz/
Vystavnictvi Praha, a.s. (Exhibitions) www.vystavnictvi.cz

Consultations and Legal Services for Entrepreneurs

Arbitration Court of the Economic Chamber of the CR www.arbcourt.cz
The Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic www.cacr.cz
PricewaterhouseCoopers-Tax, Accounting and Audit Asdvisors www.pwc.com/cz
Ambruz and Dark, Attorneys atLaw - International Company www.landwellglobal.com/cz
Prochazka Randl Kubr, Attorneys at Law - Czech Company www.prkadvo.cz


Czech Industrial Property Office www.upv.cz/
Register of Advertising Agencies www.hunter.cz/rra/english/index.html
Yellow Pages www.zlatestranky.cz