Dace Rukšāne's book "Katrina" now available in Egypt's bookshops

12.03.2019. 18:31

2019 03 11Ruksanes gramata

On 11th March Ambassador Mrs Iveta Šulca met with Mr Mohamed Ramadan, the translator, who translated Ms Dace Rukšāne’s novel “Why Did You Cry?” into Arabic language. The book was published earlier this year with the name Katrina by the Sefsafa Publishing publishing house, and the novel is available now in bookshops in Egypt. The translator stated that he did the translation by his own initiative, after he read it for the first time in Germany.

Mr Ramadan pointed out that Latvia is not widely known in Egyptian society, however Latvia has its uniqueness in comparison with other well-known countries in Europe. He was moved by the story of the main character Katrina, drawing parallels between the plot and the historical milestones of Latvia’s statehood and willing to introduce it to Egyptians. With the publishing of the book Mr Ramadan is willing to move people's hearts in the Arab countries and encourage their interest in learning more about Latvia.

Ms Dace Rukšāne’s work is the third Latvian book published in Arabic language, and its publishing was funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia. The book in Arabic language has already participated in a book fair in Egypt, Oman and it will be also presented in a book fair in Saudi Arabia next week. Mr Ramadan revealed that two more Latvian books will be published in the near future in Arabic language.