Latvian movie "Dangerous Summer" on Egyptian National TV channel

31.01.2019. 16:53
  • Join in Centenary celebrations together with the Latvian Foreign Service

In cooperation with the Egyptian National Media Authority on 4th February at 10.00 PM on Egyptian Channel Two  the forth Latvian movie on Egyptian National TV – Dangerous Summer - will be aired.

Movie was produced in 2000. In the same year Dangerous Summer received Latvia’s cinema grand prize – the Big Kristaps (Lielais Kristaps) and has participated in 28 international film festivals. The movie was aired also on TV channels in Lithuania, Poland and Russia.

Set in Riga, the capital of Latvia, the film tells a tragic love story before and during the Soviet invasion of Latvia in 1940 and the early stages of World War II. The young radio journalist Roberts falls in love with Baltic German student Isolde, who is getting ready to leave to Germany. Isolde is torn between her love for Roberts and her chance at escaping for Germany with the help of Latvian foreign minister Vilhelms Munters.

This is the forth Latvian movie on Egyptian National TV. The first Latvian movie, which was broadcasted in Egypt, was Dream Team 1935, aired in November 2017. Dream Team 1935 was followed by Lake Sonata in December 2017 and Chimney in December 2018. All movie broadcasting has been conducted in the framework of Latvia’s public diplomacy programme dedicated to the centenary’s anniversary of the statehood of the Republic of Latvia and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.