Popular Arabic writing Egyptian newspaper and social media “Veto gate” publishes a broad material about Latvia and its 100 years of statehood

11.07.2018. 16:48
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“Travelers call Latvia- apple of paradise“ says the newspaper. In 16 pages journalists speak about Latvia’s culture, people, economy, education, tourism. One can find a very interesting information about famous places and personalities, sport and education strongholds. Latvia is a country located in Northern Europe, member of NATO and the European Union, which in 2018 celebrates its 100 years of statehood.

Ambassador Iveta Šulca said that it is amazing reading material, which offers a lot of new information about a nation of 2 million to Arab readers. She told that this is a broadest publication about Latvia in Arabic language since 1991.  Ambassador thanked the team of 10 journalists of “Veto gate” and chief editor Mr. Essam Kamel for a colourful and highly interesting publication. She said that this is first such publication in Latvia’s contemporary history in Arabic language. The publication was developed in the framework of Latvia’s public diplomacy program dedicated to 100 year anniversary and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.

You can read the publication here:  http://www.vetogate.com/list/3984