Alise Zariņa's film "Nearby" was screened in Copenhagen

18.12.2019. 17:42

On 9 December 2019, the film Blakusby director and publicist Alise Zariņa was screened at Husets Biograf in Copenhagen. Viewers' interest was high as all tickets to the movie were booked several weeks in advance. Before the film, the spectators had the opportunity to enjoy Latvian beer, kvass and snacks. In her speech before the film, the Counsellor of the Latvian Embassy in Denmark Līga Usilenoka mentioned the success of the film - it had won the National Film Award "Lielais Kristaps" (in total, the film was nominated in 6 nominations) and the film has also received wide critical and viewers' acclaim for its innovative contribution to the Latvian cinema.

After the screening, viewers expressed their appreciation for the film and thanked the Embassy for the opportunity to see recent Latvian films in Denmark. In 2019, this is the fifth Latvian film to be screened in Copenhagen with the support of the Embassy.