Ambassador Alda Vanaga introduces the Association Denmark-Latvia with the current events in Latvia

04.12.2019. 13:51

On 12 November 2019, representatives of Association Denmark-Latvia (Foreningen Danmark-Letland) held a meeting with the Latvian Ambassador at the embassy. Ambassador Alda Vanaga thanked the association for its active interest and contribution to furthering Latvia's profile in Denmark, and especially highlighted the seminar "Letland 100" that was organized by the association in cooperation with the People's University of Elsinore and the Latvian Embassy in Denmark. During the meeting, the Ambassador informed the members of the association about the current political issues in Latvia and planned intergovernmental visits, as well as the joint climate protection goals of Latvia and Denmark. Representatives of the association expressed particular interest in the 2020 budget adoption process and asked questions about medical salaries and funding for higher education. The Ambassador also provided a closer insight into the personalities of the Latvian President and Prime Minister, outlined the planned regional reform, and stressed the wish of the Latvian Foreign Ministry to establish closer contacts with the diaspora in the context of facilitating re-migration. 

The Association Denmark-Latvia, created in 1992 by Danes who were interested in the development of Latvia and wanted to strengthen the friendship and cooperation between the people of Latvia and Denmark, still brings together genuine Latvia's friends and supporters.