Latvian Embassy in Denmark hosts an evening of talk and pictures with the Honorary Consul of Latvia to Greenland, Ivars Sīlis

07.11.2019. 15:57

Continuing the tradition of memory evenings started in May 2019, on 5 November, Latvian Embassy in Denmark hosted an evening of talk and pictures with researcher, photographer, geophysicist, writer and Honorary Consul of Latvia in Greenland, Ivars Sīlis. 

Ivars Sīlis is a world-renowned polar-environment photographer, researcher and passionate traveler. Born in Latvia in 1940, he moved to Denmark at the end of the war, but travelled to Greenland as a researcher at a young age and has remained there, devoting his life's love to this country, its people and their way of life. I. Sīlis has traveled across the Arctic, both with dog sleds and as part of bigger scientific expeditions. He is the author of 16 books, has published articles in several international magazines and is a director of several documentaries.

During the meeting, Ivars Sīlis told about his choice to settle in Greenland, he also introduced the audience with the history of Greenland, its living conditions and challenges of today. The audience listened with interest to I. Sīlis' memories, adventures and anecdotes.  The stories were supplemented by photographs taken by the author.