Copenhagen Latvian school opens the new school year on 1 September

17.09.2019. 09:42

On Sunday, September 1, in the garden of the Latvian Embassy in Denmark, the Copenhagen Latvian school “Saulessaķēns”, celebrated the start of the new 2019/2020 school year. The school is supported by the "Latvian-Danish Society: Island of Zealand" and aims to bring together Latvian and mixed families living in the Copenhagen area.

The school currently has around 20 students and classes take place every other Saturday from 11:00-13:00 at the Osramhuset Culture House (Valhalsgade 4) in two age groups: 3-4 years and 5-7 years. By comprehensively developing children's motor skills, the lessons with the help of various tasks, games and songs improve the children's Latvian language skills and the knowledge of Latvian culture and traditions, thus strengthening their ties with Latvia.

Teacher Aija Kalēja, who has begun pre-school pedagogical studies at Absalon Professionshøjskolen this year, has worked for Copenhagen Latvian school for the second year in a row, teaching lessons to young children and managing creative arts and crafts projects. Teacher Inga Sørensen started teaching the older children group this year and also teaches music for both age groups. For many years, both teachers have been passionate about working with children of all ages, both at school and summer camps, as well as in various other non-formal education settings.

School fees are DKK 400 per child, or DKK 700 for families with two children. The fee is mainly used for renting premises, purchasing school materials, organizing joint non-profit activities and implementing new ideas. At least one parent and child attending the school should be a member of the "Latvian - Danish Society: Island of Zealand".

Contact information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +45 22 66 52 36