Centenary film "Mērija's Journey" was screened in Copenhagen

14.03.2019. 12:42

On 4 March, the Embassy of Latvia in Denmark in cooperation with the Copenhagen cinema "Husets Biograf" organized the screening of the centenary film “Mērija's Journey”. The main target audience of the event was the diplomatic corps resident in Copenhagen, ​​Danes interested in Latvian history, as well as the Latvian diaspora. Elvita Ruka, the producer of the film, was present at the screening and helped to create a deeper understanding of the film by answering the questions from spectators. The Latvian Ambassador to Denmark, Alda Vanaga, emphasized the importance of Mērija Grīnberga, who previously was unknown to the general public, and emphasized her courage, strength and enthusiasm as a volunteer rescuing a collection of Latvian museum art values ​​at a difficult time in Latvian history. The documentary feature film “Mērija's Journey”, based on the diaries of Mērija Grīnberga Senior, has been created within the framework of the National Film Center programme “Latvian Films for Latvian Centenary” and is a story about vitality, self-denial, intelligence and endurance that helped the Latvian nation and its culture to survive.

This event is part of Latvia’s Centenary programme of public diplomacy, coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.