The centenary of Latvia in Copenhagen is celebrated with concert "Latvia 100"

11.01.2019. 11:11
  • Join in Centenary celebrations together with the Latvian Foreign Service
The centenary of Latvia in Copenhagen is celebrated with concert "Latvia 100"

On 29 November on the Royal Danish Theatre's New Scene Stærekassen, the Central Military Band of the Latvian National Armed Forces together with the Band of the Danish Royal Life Guards played the concert "Latvia 100" in the the honour of Latvia's centenary. The concert was attended by approximately 400 people, and the audience was thrilled by the performance of both orchestras. The two orchestras performed together for the first time and this was also the first time the Latvian National Armed Forces Orchestra visited Denmark.

The event was opened by a speech given by the Ambassador of Latvia to Denmark Alda Vanaga. In her speech, the Ambassador emphasized the special role of Denmark as an allied country at the time of the formation of the state of Latvia, and expressed satisfaction that the Kingdom of Denmark had been a friend and an ally of Latvia since the very beginning of the Latvian state.

The concert was organized by the Embassy of Latvia in Denmark in cooperation with the two orchestras. In the concert programme, both Latvian and Danish classical music pieces, as well as original compositions and arrangements by contemporary composers were played.

After the concert, in the honour of the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Latvia, Ambassador Alda Vanaga held a diplomatic reception. The concert and reception were attended by the officials from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassadors residing in Copenhagen, embassy cooperation partners, representatives of higher education institutions, entrepreneurs, Latvian-Danish and Danish-Latvian associations, as well as the representatives of the Latvian community in Denmark.

This event is part of Latvia’s Centenary programme of public diplomacy, coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.