Latvian centenary film "Grandpa More Dangerous Than Computer" was screened in Copenhagen

30.05.2018. 15:57
  • Join in Centenary celebrations together with the Latvian Foreign Service

On May 29, at the cinema "Husets Biograf" in Copenhagen, the Embassy of Latvia in Denmark hosted the screening of the film "Grandpa More Dangerous Than Computer" (2017) by Latvian director Varis Brasla.

"Grandpa More Dangerous Than Computer" is the first film in the National Film Center's program "Latvian Films for Latvian Centenary", and in 2017 it was the second most attended movie in Latvian cinemas, which is the best achievement of a Latvian film in the past ten years. This is the third centenary film this year that has been featured in Denmark with the support of the Latvian Embassy in Denmark.

The screening of "Grandpa More Dangerous Than Computer" was possible due to the support of the National Film Center.