The State Art Museum displays satirical drawings by Maris Bishofs (BNS)

02.12.2014. 19:09

From 9 February to 13 March at the State Art Museum, visitors will be able to view an exhibit of Maris Bishofs' satirical drawings. From 21 February to 6 March, visitors will be able to practice drawing in the artist's create workshop.

Bishofs' personal exhibit "Bishofs' View" introduces the audience to satirical drawing, a genre rarely applied in Latvia and even more rarely seen in museum exhibit halls.

The personal exhibit is a selection of over one hundred drawings – ink, gouache, watercolour, and acrylic techniques, which give a glance into the artist's creative style over a period of almost forty years. The exposition includes some of the original ink drawings published in the artist's books 'The Exhibition' (1978)", 'Feisty Virginia Woolf' (1985), 'The Alien Diaries' (1986), as well as drawings from his latest book 'My Latvia', which was commissioned by the Latvian Institute and released in December.

Visitors will be introduced to foreign newspapers and magazines that carried Bishofs' drawings between 1984 and 2003: Time Magazine, the Atlantic Monthly, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Nation, Village Voice, Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Barron '9s, Hippocrates, and Harper's. This collection of publications is supplemented by the artist's drawings in Latvian magazines Dadzis (1963-1966) and Rigas laiks (2001-2003), as well as the newspaper Diena (2002-2004).

The name of the exhibit was taken from Bishofs' column in the daily newspaper Diena, which has been regularly publishing the artist's drawings since fall, 2002 about current issues, events, and developments in Latvia and the world. Bishofs was born in 1939 in Rujiena, Latvia. In 1965 he became the first artist to graduate from the Latvian Art Academy with an interior design diploma. In 1972 the artist emigrated to Israel. He lived in Paris in the early 1980's, but in New York 1984-2003. In the fall of 2003 the artist returned permanently to Latvia.

BNS (06.02.2005)

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