Diplomatic Missions

02.11.2017. 13:03



Further information on missions of Latvia abroad

The Republic of Latvia has 44 diplomatic and consular missions: 35 embassies; 6 permanent representations, 1 consulate general and 2 consulates.

In embassies and representations performing both diplomatic and consular functions, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary can be accredited in one country of residence or international organisation, or, beside his permanent residence, in several countries or international organisations.

In the year 2014, Latvia has 168 Honorary Consuls and 16 Consuls General abroad.

In the Republic of Latvia, there are 37 foreign embassies, 11 international organisations, 22 honorary consulates and 3 consulates general.

An Honorary Consul or an Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Latvia is a person entrusted by the Republic of Latvia to perform representational or consular functions for the state in accordance with the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and other international agreements, The Law on Diplomatic and Consular Service, and other laws and regulations. Both citizens of Latvia and citizens of foreign countries can be Honorary Consuls, and an Honorary Consul should have an outstanding reputation. An Honorary Consul is neither a civil servant nor an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.