Diplomatic Clearance of Foreign Scientific Research Ships

23.03.2016. 17:25

In order to receive a diplomatic clearance for work in Latvian territorial waters, the state institution or international scientific organization coordinating the research must submit the notification of the proposed research cruise to the State Protocol, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at least 3 months prior to entry into Latvian territorial waters.

The request for a permit to enter territorial waters of Latvia will be processed by the relevant Institutions of Latvia (Ministry of Defense and The State Environmental Service, Fishery Monitoring Unit) and in due course the answer will be relayed to the State Protocol.

The application for a diplomatic clearance for the entry of the proposed research cruise (Notification by Foreign Research Ship of Proposed Scientific Research Cruise (notification of cruise) is divided into 2 parts: general information about the Cruise (Part A) and detailed information (Part B).



  1. Name of research ship
  2. Dates of cruise
  3. Operating authority
  4. Particulars of the ship:
    • Name
    • Nationality
    • Overall length
    • Maximum draught
    • Gross tonnage
    • Propulsion
    • Call sign
  5. Crew: name of master, number of crew
  6. Scientific personnel
  7. Geographical area in which ship will operate
  8. Brief description of purpose of cruise
  9. Dates and names of intended ports of call
  10. Any special logistical requirements at ports of call



  1. Name of the research ship
  2. Dates of cruise
  3. Purpose of research and general operational methods
  4. Attach chart showing (on an appropriate scale) the geographical area of intended work, positions of intended stations, tracks of survey lines, positions of moored/seabed equipment
  5. Types of samples required, e.g.: geological / water / plankton / fish / radioactivity / isotope / .. and methods by which samples will be obtained
  6. Details of moored equipment
  7. Explosives
  8. Details and references of:
    • any relevant previous or future cruises;
    • any previous published research data relating to the proposed cruise;
  9. Names and addresses of scientists of the coastal state in whose waters the proposed cruise takes place, with whom previous contact has been made.
  10. State:
    • Whether visits to the ship in port by scientists of the coastal state concerned will be acceptable (Yes/No);
    • Whether it will be acceptable to carry on board an observer from the coastal state for any part of the cruise, and dates and ports of embarkation/disembarkation (Yes/No);
    • When research data from intended cruise is likely to be made available to the coastal state, and if so, by what means.

B.The activities of scientific research vessels in Latvian territorial waters can be terminated, if the latter do not observe the regulations of the Republic of Latvia.


Cabinet Regulation No 126 of 21 February 2012 “Procedures for issuing a special permit to a ship of scientific research of a foreign state for the performance of scientific research works in the territorial sea, continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Latvia” (text in Latvian) (annex 1, annex 2).

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