Protection of personnel and premises

18.03.2016. 16:08

The Government of the Republic of Latvia very seriously follows its obligations under the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations for the protection of Diplomatic and Consular Missions and their staff. It takes all appropriate steps to protect the premises of Diplomatic Missions and Consular posts against any intrusion or damages to prevent acts of aggression towards missions and consular posts or impairment of their dignity.

The security of the Ambassadors and Embassies, Consulates - general and Consulates is the primary responsibility of the Government of the Republic of Latvia. The primary operational responsibility of law enforcement and public order rests to the State police.

The protection of Diplomatic and Consular missions is provided on the basis of threat assessment.

In the event of threats or risks to the safety of Diplomatic and Consular Missions or to its personnel, Diplomatic Mission or Consulate should at first contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Protocol which in turn immediately will contact the relevant authorities to take appropriate measures.

Customary Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts should take all necessary measures to protect their premises, offices and residential accommodation. Adequate insurance against fire and burglary should be obtained.

If a diplomatic person wishes to report an offence directed against a mission and consular post, or any other matter concerning security which does not require immediate action of the State Police, a report should be sent to the State Protocol.