Curriculum Vitae of Kārlis Zariņš

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1879. 4. XII

Kārlis Reinholds Zariņš was born in the Ipiķi parish, Rūjiena District, the Governorate of Livonia in a family of merchant and leaseholder.

1887. VII

Kārlis Zariņš’s mother Sape Zariņa (born Sape Dimza) died.

1888. IX

Kārlis Zariņš’s father Ādams Zariņš died. Kārlis was adopted by his uncle Jēkabs Dimza.

1889 – 1895

Kārlis Zariņš attended primary school and parochial school in Rūjiena.

1895 – 1899

Assistant of the parish scribe in Terneja parish, storekeeper at the enterprizes of merchant in Rūjiena.

1899. II – VII

Arrived in Saint Petersburg. Apprentice at a flower nursery.

1890 – 1917

Office worker at stock exchange notary Konrad Goetz’s Office. Professionalized in international Negotiable Instruments Law. Accomplished three-year courses of higher commercial education in Saint Petersburg.

1900 – 1918. I

Member of the Latvian Charity Society in Saint Petersburg (Petrograd), member of the board, from 1914 – chairman.


Established publishing house „Imanta”, published collection of poems by Rainis „Klusā grāmata”. When Police confiscated edition, the publishing house had to be closed down due to financial losses.

1915. VIII –1918. I

Member of the board and presidium of the Latvian Refugee Central Committee.

1918. IV – V

On assignment of the Division of Foreign Affairs of the Temporary National Council of Latvia left for German occupied Latvia

1918. V – VIII

Arranged sending of trains with Latvian refugees from Petrograd to Latvia.

1918. 18. IX

Arrived in Riga.

1918. 18. XI

A participant of the ceremonious meeting of proclamation of the state of Latvia

1918. XII

A member of the Latvia's People's Council from the Latvian Radical Democratic Party. Secretary of the Riga City Council board.

1919. 2. – 14. I

When Bolshevik forces entered Riga left for London by the ship of the Royal Navy.

1919. I – IV

Attaché of the Latvian delegation to the Paris Peace Conference.

1919. 9. IV

Residing Minister in the Legation of Latvia in Finland. Due to other assignments arrived in Helsinki on 9 October 1919.

1919. IV – VIII

Charge d’affaires ad interim in Sweden. Arranged the establishment of diplomatic representation.

1919. 6. – 20. IX

Trip on assignment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Warsaw, Vilnius, and Kaunas.

1919. 10. X – 1925. 1. IX

Diplomatic representative – Residing Minister, from 2 February 1921 envoy to Finland.

1921. 20. II

Became married to Henrietta Houppert.

1923. 1. IV – 1930. 28. III

Besides Finland, with residence in Helsinki, envoy to Denmark, Norway, Sweden. From 1 September 1925 – residence in Stockholm.

1927. 30. IX

Daughter Marija Anna Rita Ingeborga born in Stockholm.

1930. 28. III – 1933. 16. VII

Envoy to Estonia.

1931. 9. XII – 1933. 24. III

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia (at the same time retaining position of envoy to Estonia)

1933. 16. VII – 1963. 29. IV

Envoy to the United Kingdom.

1940. 17. V

Latvian Cabinet of Ministers granted to Kārlis Zariņš extraordinary powers to supervise the work of Latvia's consular and diplomatic representations abroad

1940. 17. VI – 1963. 29. IV

Head of diplomatic and consular service of Latvia.

1963. 29. IV

Died in London.

1963. 4. V

Buried in London, the Latvian Burial Ground of Brookwood Cemetery.