IgoUgo names Riga as one of Europe's Top Ten affordable cities

02.12.2014. 19:09
With the dollar’s dismal exchange value and the stratospheric rise of the British pound, Europe seems a bit far away these days—and the Atlantic crossing has nothing to do with it. Luckily, IgoUgo members have put their money on 10 budget-friendly places where European travel is still within reach. Affordable Europe? You might be surprised.

IgoUgo says the following about Riga, Latvia: "The capital of Latvia combines grown-up urban attitude with a pretty, historical core, marrying the enchanting streets of its old town (Vecriga), the Jugenstil (Art Nouveau) architecture of independence (seen best in Doma Laukums and the Freedom Monument), and a plethora of pubs, bars, and nightclubs to enchanting effect. It is a city whose time truly has come."