Visa Requirements for Latvia - Entry into Schengen Zone

04.01.2018. 18:06

From May 15, 2014 the Embassy of Latvia in the USA is implementing the Visa Information System (VIS). Therefore all visa applicants have to appear in person when lodging the application, in order to provide their fingerprints. More information here.

A list of countries whose citizens do not need a visa to enter the Schengen Area can be found here. 

Where to apply for Schengen visa to travel to Latvia:

  • Embassy of Latvia in Washington, D.C.
    Contact to schedule an appointment: 202-328-2881 or 202-328-2882
  • Consulate General of Estonia in New York
    For further instructions please visit the Estonian Consulate General website
    Book an appointment online  
  • Consulate General of Poland in Los Angeles
    Make an appointment and register application here   
  • Consulate General of Lithuania in Chicago                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               For further instructions please call to the Consulate: 312-397-0382 or visit the website

Documents required for applying for Schengen visa for travel to Latvia:

  • a valid travel document which is issued within previous 10 years, contains at least two blank pages for visas and is valid at least 3 months after the expiration date of the visa;
  • a filled in and signed ONLINE APPLICATION FORM. The computer completed application form has to be printed out, signed (at the point 37 and at the end of the application form) and submitted to the Consulate. In case several persons (minors or a spouse) are covered by the same travel document, individual application forms must be filled in and signed by the persons concerned, in case of minors signed by the parental authority or the legal guardian. A minor at least 15 years old may lodge and sign a visa application personally;
  • 1 passport-size recent (not older than 6 months) color photo (35mm x 45mm) with a light background, including whole face, without head-dress;
  • an insurance policy valid in Schengen countries with a coverage of at least 50.000 USD for the entire duration of stay in Schengen area including 15 days of grace period (i.e.additional 15 days).
    Please note that the insurance policy should cover medical, hospital and repatriation costs;
  • payment - application fee is accepted by money order made out to Embassy of Latvia or paid by bank card at the Embassy. The application fee is 80 USD (60 EUR). For the citizens of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan the fee is 50 USD (35 EUR).

Supporting documents:

  • proof of legal residence in the USA. Original of valid US alien registration card (permanent residence permit, aka: green card) or valid US resident visa. The US residence permit or visa should be valid at least three months beyond the intended departure from the territory of the Schengen Member States;
  • purpose of entry – an invitation (among them invitation number approved by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs), either invitation letter or document proving organized trip.
    NB! When applying for short term visa at Estonian Consulate General in New York or Polish Consulate General in Los Angeles, please inform in advance your inviting part in Latvia to form the official invitation in English language;
  • documents in relation to accommodation (hotel reservation or an invitation approved by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs if staying with the inviting party);
  • means of transportation (round trip ticket or ticket reservation);
  • sufficient means of subsistence for the duration of the intended stay (records of bank account transactions in the past 3 months; credit card together with turnover printouts; letter from employer regarding salary);
  • information which enables to assess your intention to leave Schengen area (letter from the employer or an educational institution);
  • Pre-paid, self-addressed secure mail envelope (FedEx, UPS, DHL to return the passport) or money order made out to Embassy of Latvia or paid by bank card at the Embassy in amount of 30 USD to send your passport with visa by FedEx overnight shippment.


Visa application should be submitted at least 15 business days before the intended visit and cannot be lodged earlier than three months prior.

U.S. citizens do not need a visa to travel to Latvia if their stay does not exceed 90 days in a half year. After the expiry of the maximum permitted duration of stay – 90 days within any 180-day period – the third-country national, without leaving the territory of Latvia, can extend his/her stay in Latvia for up to another 90 days depending on the period laid down in the bilateral visa waiver agreement between Latvia and the respective country.

After the expiry of the time period laid down in the Schengen Convention and a respective bilateral agreement, the third-country national must leave the territory of the Schengen area or the territory of Latvia, if he/she is entering another member state of the Schengen area with which his/her country of nationality has signed a bilateral visa waiver agreement.

A repeated entry into Schengen countries including Latvia is possible after a 90-day interval subsequent to leaving the Schengen area. This also applies to cases when the third-country national has not used up all the duration of stay provided for in the bilateral visa waiver agreement.

The third-country national is under obligation to provide proof of his/her stay outside the Republic of Latvia for at least 90 days after the expiry of the permitted length of stay, if this is not proved by border crossing stamps.

If travel to Latvia is related with work, study or residence as a self-employed person, a U.S. citizen is required to obtain a temporary residence permit and apply for national (D type) visa to Latvia.