Minority education: statistics and trends

19.02.2015. 11:07

The state finances national minority education programmes in Latvia in seven languages: Russian, Polish, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Estonian, Lithuanian, and Belarusian.

In the 2014/2015 academic year, 821 schools of general education receive state funding. Out of those, national minority education programmes are implemented in 109 schools: education programmes in the Russian language and bilingually are carried out in 99 schools, in Polish and bilingually – in 4 schools, in Ukrainian and bilingually – in one, in Belarusian and bilingually – in one, Hebrew – in two, in Latvian and Lithuanian – in one, in Latvian and Estonian – in one school.

Both Latvian and minority education programmes are implemented in 65 schools, and three private schools run general education programmes in English (two schools) and French (one school). There are also 28 evening schools, extramural and distance learning institutions, 14 of which offer both Latvian and national minority education programmes. Several schools provide education to Roma pupils.

In the 2013/2014 academic year, 54 239pupils have been enrolled in national minority education programmes, accounting for 39% of the total number of students.