Latvia's ambassador to Canada, Margers Krams, to discuss opportunities for co-operation with Canadian businessmen

05 May 2009

From 5 – 7 May, Latvia's ambassador to Canada, Margers Krams, is to participate in an Economic mission for leaders of the accredited foreign diplomatic delegations to Ottawa. The mission is being hosted by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and by the government of the Province of Manitoba. During the mission, meetings have been scheduled with Manitoba Province's Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation, Ron Lemieux, and with senior members of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. Visits have also been organised to many of the provinces important manufacturers (including in biotechnology, research institutes, infrastructure projects, and to the newest flood control centre in North America).

During the meeting, opportunities for co-operation between Latvian and Canadian businesses will be studied, and information will be circulated on business and investment opportunities in Latvia.

The high level of economic diversity in the Province of Manitoba has guaranteed the comparatively stable economic situation.  The unemployment level in the province, at 4%, is one of the lowest in the country. Twelve percent of the GNP for the province is provided by manufacture. The province also has a highly developed services sector (including in areas of insurance and finances) as well as in farming. Winnipeg is Canada's harvest exchange centre.

During the visit, Latvia's ambassador will also be meeting with members of the Winnipeg Latvian community. In discussion with the director of the Winnipeg Film Group, the possibility for screenings of the films Rigas Sargi (Defenders of Riga) and Padomju stasts (Soviet Story) will also be investigated.  The most recent screenings of these films attracted considerable attention as Manitoba is home to a large Ukrainian community.