The Youth Exchange Programme

15.01.2018. 16:22

You can apply for the Youth Exchange Program under the Agreement between Latvia and Canada Concerning Exchanges of Young Citizens, if you are a Canadian citizen between the ages of 18 and 35 inclusively on the date that the application is submitted, reside in Canada, and fall under one of the categories referred to in Article 2 of the Agreement:

a) Young citizens, including post-secondary graduates, who wish to obtain further remunerated training in the host country under a pre-arranged contract of employment in support of their career development;

b) registered students of a post-secondary institution in their home country who wish to complete part of their academic curriculum in the host country by undertaking a pre-arranged, mandatory and remunerated internship, including in the context of an arrangement between post-secondary institutions;

c) Young citizens, including registered students in their home country, who intend to travel in the host country and who wish to obtain paid employment on an occasional basis in order to supplement their financial resources.

You may qualify up to a maximum of two times to benefit from this Agreement, if it is under two different afore-mentioned categories. The stays shall be discontinuous and the duration of each stay shall not exceed one year.

You have to submit the following documents to the Embassy of Latvia in Canada (350 Sparks Street, Suite 1200, Ottawa, ON, K1R 7S8):

1. An original Canadian passport, whose date of expiry extends at least 3 months after the end of the proposed duration of residency in the Republic of Latvia.

2. A completed residency permit application form


3. A photograph.

4. The residency permit application form must:

  • Indicate the reason for the request – in accordance with the Agreement Concerning Exchanges of Young Citizens,
  • Indicate the expected residence address,
  • Confirm that the applicant has sufficient financial resources to cover varied expenses in the initial phase (900 Ls = 1800 CAD), as well as pay for a return ticket (if one has not already been purchased).

5. Certification that you do not have active tuberculosis (in the event that the certificate is not legalized, the individual attests to the fact that they do not have active TB in the residency permit application).

6. Documentation that confirms:

  • previous or current registration in a Canadian post-secondary institution, or,
  • a pre-arranged agreement for employment, or a document that confirms  arranged internship, or,
  • a submission indicating the intention of travelling to Latvia and obtaining paid employment on an occasional basis, in order to supplement their financial resources.

7. A document that confirms payment of a state fee 150 CAD (100.60 EUR) and consular fee is 165 CAD (110 EUR).

8. If documents are submitted by post – prepaid envelope with your return address to receive back your passport.

The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (hereinafter OCMA) will make a decision regarding a residency permit and work permit within 30 business days. This decision is forwarded to the Embassy of Latvia in Canada, and the Embassy informs the individual in question.

On arrival in Latvia, the individual goes to the OCMA Foreigners' Service Department (Rīga, Čiekurkalna 1. līnija 1, k-3, LV-1026) and presents their valid Canadian passport and a health care policy  which includes both hospitalization and repatriation covering the duration of their authorized stay (submitting a copy).

Residency and work permits are issued for a time of up to 1 year.

For more detailed information about the Youth Exchange Program, please contact the State Agency of International Youth Programs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.