Latvia condemns acts of vandalism in Tallinn

27.04.2007. 18:24

The Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns acts of vandalism in Tallinn which took place over night between 26 and 27 April.

The Foreign Ministry emphasized that the decision on the reburial of the mortal remains buried at the pedestal of the Bronze Soldier Monument is solely under the competence of the Estonian Government.

In a democratic country, any group of society which disagrees with government decisions is free to express its own opinion, however, it must not violate the law.  Acts of vandalism which pose a threat to the life and health of people and damage and destroy property have nothing in common with the democratic forms of protest.

The acts of vandalism in Tallinn left one diplomatic representative of the Latvian Embassy injured, and damage was also done to the embassy building. The Foreign Ministry considers that the organizers and perpetrators of said campaigns must be held liable.

Estonian law enforcement agencies have tightened security measures at the Latvian Embassy in Estonia.

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