State Secretary Andrejs Pildegovičs congratulates his Ukrainian colleague on the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations

14.02.2017. 09:28

On 13 February, the Foreign Ministry’s State Secretary Andrejs Pildegovičs met with the State Secretary of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, Andriy Zayats, who was on a visit in Riga at the time when Latvia and Ukraine are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s State Secretary Andriy Zayats thanked Latvia for support offered to Ukraine, which is felt and very much appreciated by Ukrainians both at the political level and in their daily lives. Andriy Zayats noted that Ukrainian soldiers injured in the conflict in Ukraine have received medical treatment in Latvia: the excellent skills of Latvian medical staff and support from the governmental and the non-governmental sector have made it possible till now to help more than 20 Ukrainian soldiers.   

We are happy that Latvia and Ukraine have succeeded in building friendly bilateral relations to cover a vast scope of cooperation issues, said Andrejs Pildegovičs. He noted that Latvia is prepared to help Ukraine with the implementation of reforms also in future, by sharing its experience in a number of areas, including capacity building in public administration. In the context of the conflict in the east of Ukraine, State secretary Pildegovičs confirmed that Latvia firmly stands up for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and strongly condemns the illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea by Russia. Andriy Zayats recognised that Latvia’s political support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of his country has great importance.

To mark the 25th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations, Andrejs Pildegovičs and Andriy Zayats also took part in a public discussion organised by the Latvian Foreign Ministry and the Embassy of Ukraine in Latvia and entitled “25 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Latvia and Ukraine – Achievements and the Way Ahead”. Andrejs Pildegovičs emphasised in the debate that both countries have historically established close and friendly bilateral relations, which have grown especially dynamic over the past three years. The Latvian Foreign Ministry’s State Secretary outlined Latvia’s interests in pursuing closer cooperation in the modernisation of telecommunications and the development of multi-modal solutions to connect the transit routes between the Baltic, Black and Caspian Sea. Cooperation between both countries could also be developed in the field of functioning of independent mass media and building their expertise.

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