Latvia Condemns Public Executions in Chechnya

24.03.2004. 14:57

On September 23, 1997, Latvia has adhered to the European Union Declaration on Situation in Chechenya. The Declaration stresses that the EU condemns recent cases of public execution in Chechenya noting that public executions contradict the norms of human respect. The European Union supports the already adopted declarations including the declarations of President of Russia Boris Yeltzin and Russian Duma to the President of Chechenya Aslan Mashadov and Chechen authorities urging to observe the moratorium on execution of the capital punishment which has been declared by the Russian Federation upon joining the Council of Europe. The EU also reiterates its concern over kidnapping of its allies in Chechenya and expresses its hope that Chechen authorities will do everything possible to guarantee security preconditions for continuing the aid activities by non-governmental organisations, as well as to find and punish the assassins of the six murdered members of the Red Cross.

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