Latvian Foreign Minister has received a letter from the US Secretary of State

24.03.2004. 14:57

On December 17 Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia Mr. Indulis Berzins has received a latter from US Secretary of State Ms. Madeline K. Albright congratulating Latvia on two important steps made on the way towards full integration into European and Euro-Atlantic institutions.

In her letter the US Secretary of State notes that "All of Latvia's friends welcome the passage of the OSCE-compliant language law as an important step in securing Latvia's place in the international community".

Ms. Albright welcomes also the decision of the European Union to start accession negotiations with Latvia. "The EU decision is a tribute to the progress your nation has made over the past decade," says the letter. The Secretary of State expresses hope that the process of negotiations will be as quick as is feasible and accession of Latvia to the EU will promote democracy and stability, as well as ensure prosperity for all inhabitants of Europe.

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