Communication from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding statements by Ambassador of Russia

08.02.2013. 10:34

Regrettably it has to be established that, when addressing the meeting of the Latvian Council of Non-governmental Organizations on 6 February, the Ambassador of Russia to Latvia Alexander Veshnyakov has denied the fact of the occupation of Latvia and pointed out that Russia was not going to admit Latvia’s occupation, however hard the Latvian side pressed for it. Such rhetoric regarding history does not facilitate a positive background of our dialogue.

The Ministry would like to remind of an internationally recognised fact that as a result of a secret agreement between the USSR and the Nazi Germany Latvia lost its statehood for several decades in 1940. Both Soviet and Nazi occupation erased and crippled the lives of thousands of people. Due to the policy of non-recognition pursued by democratic countries across the world, Latvia was able to retain the continuity of the state and restore its independence in 1991 in a democratic way.

Latvia will go on emphasizing the principle of the continuity of its statehood, and the recognition of the Soviet occupation fact is one of the elements of the principle. Only by honestly facing the past, a future, full of mutual respect, can be built.