Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis: 25 March deportations was attempt to destroy people’s awareness of being in charge of this land

25.03.2011. 18:09

On 25 March, Foreign Minister Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis, together with other senior officials placed flowers at the Freedom Monument in commemoration of the deportations of 25 March 1949 and paying tribute to the victims of Communist genocide.

Minister Kristovskis holds an opinion that by the 25 March deportations the Stalinist totalitarian regime aimed at destroying among Latvian people the awareness that they are in charge of their land, for the majority of 43 thousand deportees were farmers, agriculturists and their family members.

“If the aim of the bloody repressions and deportations in 1941 was the liquidation of Latvia’s political leaders and its intellectual elite, then the deportations of 1949 meant wiping out traditional lifestyles, exterminating farmers and rural businessmen. We still are acutely aware of the consequences of these crimes, and considerable spiritual effort and resources are required to overcome those aftereffects. This is a major challenge, of which everybody should be aware and pledge their commitment to in the name of our future,” Minister Kristovskis indicates.