Three Baltic Ambassadors discuss current affairs with the Chairman of Al-Masry Al-Youm

21.02.2017. 15:14

On Sunday, 19th of February, the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Cairo had the honour to host the meeting between the Ambassadors of three Baltic States, H.E. Ms Iveta Šulca, the Ambassador of Latvia, H.E. Mr Sander Soone, the Ambassador of Estonia, H.E. Mr Arvydas Daunoravičius, the Ambassador of Lithuania, and Dr Abdel Moneim Said, Political Analyst and Chairman of Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper.

Their Excellences and Dr Abdel Moneim had a discussion about the current situation in the region and the role of Egypt and the League of Arab States in the current developments in global politics.

Dr Abdel Moneim outlined the ideas presented in his recent publications (e.g. Saving the Middle East), stressing the importance of a new political concert in order to stabilize the Middle East. H.E. Ms Iveta Šulca emphasized the lessons learned from the Latvian integration in the EU and NATO and them serving as comprehensive briefing of the economy growth, peace and security.

All parties of the meeting agreed to continue exchanging views in the future on matters of common interest.