Ambassador K.Ozoliņš participated at the opening ceremony of Aarhus Gastronomic region

21.04.2017. 18:15

On 18 April Ambassador Kaspars Ozoliņš participated at the one of the opening ceremonies of Gastronomic Regions – in Aarhus/ Midtjylland. Ambassador’s participation made to pay audience's attention to the fact that this year also the Riga - Gauja Region has been titled as European Gatronomic Region alongside with Aarhus city.

During the opening ceremony, Ambassador informed the audience about Riga-Gauja Region’s gastronomic traditions, events in the framework of Latvia and as well as about the expert’s assessment of the Nordic gastronomy on Latvian restaurants. The opening event was attended by the Mayor of Aarhus city Mr Jacob Bundsgaard and Chairman of the Region Midtjylland Mr Bent Hansen, etc.

During the opening ceremony important attention regarding to Riga- Gauja region was drawn by the participation of chef Mr Martins Ritins who served delicious meals to the guests. Visibility of Mr Martins Ritins contributed to the fact that the Nordic restaurant guide ‘’White Guide’’ measured his restaurant ‘’Vincents’’ among the highest category of ‘’Global Masters’’ and is named as the best restaurant in the Baltic States.

The program of Aarhus/ Midtjylland contains of more than 130 different gastronomic events. It has been planned that most of them will happen at the end of the summer with  LiveRiga support and cooperation with chefs from Riga-Gauja gastronomic Region.  The European Region of Gastronomy Platform’s aim is to contribute to better quality of life in European regions, by highlighting distinctive food cultures, education of better health and sustainability and stimulating gastronomic innovation. Above the mentioned regions East Lombardy has been also awarded with the title of Gastronomic Region in this year.