Ambassador K. Ozoliņš meets with the Latvian soldiers who will join in a counter-terrorism operation in Iraq

23.01.2017. 17:15

On 20 January Ambassador Kaspars Ozoliņš participated in the military parade of soldiers of the Latvian National Armed Forces who will soon take part in the international counter-terrorism operation in Iraq. Chef of the Defense Committee of the Danish Parliament Rasmus Jarlov and Commanding Officer at the Royal Danish Military Academy were also among the attendants of the parade. After the ceremony Ambassador met with the soldiers of the Latvian contingent.

Latvia’s cooperation with Denmark in counter-terrorism operations in Iraq started a year ago, when the first group of Latvian trainee soldiers was sent to Iraq. From that time on, a very favorable feedback has been received from the Danes about the professionality, multiple skills and responsiveness of the Latvian soldiers.

Six Latvian servicemen will participate in the mission in Iraq as a part of the Royal Danish Army, and almost all of them have previous experience in operations in Iraq, Mali and Afghanistan.